First Do No Harm

by Kim Brophey on 05/18/16

I’m pissed off.  I’m usually really neutral when it comes to speaking out about specific techniques in this industry, and I appreciate the fact that there are always circumstances which can warrant the use of certain aversive tools in dog training even when they are not my first choice.  My aim is not to criticize of judge those who do things differently from myself.  But …

Let’s Talk About Pitbulls

by Kim Brophey on 07/13/15

I just got back in town from a wonderful family vacation with my beautiful kids, 8 and 10 years old.  Returning to town to hear about the tragic death of a 6 year old boy here in our local community in nearby Hendersonville, NC, was indeed devastating.  He was killed by a neighbor’s dog when he climbed over the fence from his grandfather’s yard to the dog owners’.  …

Strictly “Positive Reinforcement” Dog Training

by Kim Brophey on 06/16/15

Alexandre Rossi, a colleague of mine in Brazil, asked me to weigh in on the concept of  strictly "positive reinforcement" dog training: The dog training and behavior field is, in my opinion, overly concerned with only one aspect of the greatly larger picture.  Given that the field has been slow to integrate and apply the various sciences (applied ethology, neuro-ethology, neuro-biology, epi-genetics, …

Holds the Favorite Spot on Many Lists

by on 01/21/15

  Holds the Favorite Spot on Many Lists   One of my favorite training tools is actually the same as my favorite puppy toy which is the same as my favorite toy for owners playing together with their dogs which is my favorite way to get energy out of the dog which is my favorite way to train without using food which is…….. okay so I could go on all day but I think you get the …

Dog Bite Prevention

by on 07/21/14

    I find being a trainer who works with busy families both rewarding and challenging. I love seeing children learn to interact with dogs in a positive, meaningful way. This knowledge can help keep them safe around these dogs they love so much. One of the more difficult things to teach both children and adults is how to understand what the dog is trying to say because dogs use …

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