Kim Brophey’s approach to understanding and working with dogs and their owners is very unique in the field of dog training/behavior. As opposed to a primary interest in canine obedience and performance, Kim is influenced predominantly by her background in ethology and the  natural science of learning and behavior in both animals and humans, which she has come to appreciate as central in her work of helping people train their dogs. While Kim’s knowledge and practices as a career dog behavior consultant reflect the most current industry standards and science in the field of dog training/behavior, she does not limit her professional research and education to this one  field.  Rather, Kim incorporates a wide range of other disciplines and sciences as she pursues an ever-greater understanding of canines and their relationships with humans.  She has a reverent appreciation for the implications for dogs that arise from new discoveries in such fields as human psychology, neurology, neuroethology, genetics, evolutionary anthropology, evolutionary biology, ecology, naturalism, animal welfare, sociology, history, and education, and so weaves these sciences into her work.

Kim’s primary interest as a professional is the wellness of all parties, which she believes should never be sacrificed for the sake of “obedience”.  Her primary goal is to help dogs and people to discover a natural and harmonious quality of living together through an educated appreciation of the evolutionary, genetic, social, behavioral, and psychological variables that brought our species together.

Kim Brophey believes that the challenges facing dogs and their owners today in the 21st century are substantial and unprecendented, and that the reality of these elements must be carefully considered for the benefit of all parties-  “Dogs are having a hard time in this modern world of ours- no matter how loved and provided for they might be.”  She believes that traditional models of obedience and training generally fail to address the substantial underlying issues at the source of dog behavior problems in the modern American pet dog.  Kim’s extensive education and ongoing research work offers her clients a specialized foundation and well-spring of  comprehensive information, experience, counsel, and services.   She utilizes cutting-edge, scientifically sound techniques, interventions and treatments.

After having acquired a BA in The Applied Relationship between Human and Animal Behavior in 1999, Kim established The Dog Door Canine Services in 2001, practicing primarily as an in-home trainer and consultant before opening the behavior center in 2009.  Always passionate about standards and education in the industry, Kim was one of the first trainers in North Carolina to acquire her national certification (CPDT-KA) in 2002, and one of the first consultants in the state to receive her international /national certification (CDBC) in 2006. She has earned a reputation as the prominent resource in the community for owners seeking the most cutting-edge, scientific, effective, and compassionate help with their dogs’ behavior problems and training goals.  Kim was honored to be chosen as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers Outstanding Trainer of the Year 2009.

Kim has a personal passion for sharing quality information and cutting edge science in the field of dog behavior with the community, offering free presentations to local animal welfare and  interest groups as well as comprehensive professional continuing education (NCVMB approved) courses for veterinary professionals, dog trainers, animal care professionals, and the general community.  Kim is frequently called on to speak at colleges and universities in the area, veterinary facilities, and other dog-related events.  The Dog Door provides the official behavior team for the nationally praised Camp Unleashed and is responsible for the development and delivery of the educational curriculum for the annual event in Asheville.  Kim has also instructed state-approved continuing education courses at a local college for veterinarians (NCVMB) and other pet professionals on dog behavior.  This fall, Kim will be presenting at the Association of Pet Dog Trainers national conference in Cincinnati, Ohio, and will be offering an additional 3-day seminar on applied learning theory for pet professionals, Understanding Where Well-behaved Dogs Come From, in Maryland.

Kim’s lifetime of experience working with dogs, a BA in The Applied Relationship Between Human & Animal Behavior, national credentials as both a dog trainer and behavior consultant, professional recognitions/awards, and commitment to her own ongoing research create her practice’s firm foundation in education and science.   With her expertise in dog behavior,  a relatable and practical approach to creating harmony between people and dogs, and a deeply held philosopy that “Understanding Changes Everything”,  Kim Brophey can get to the HEART of any behavior problem.

“Kim’s knowledge, class presentation and commitment to our relationship with dogs is amazing!”- student

“Kim, I just cannot thank you enough for all that you have done for us and Ziva.  We love her dearly.  If you even have a potential client who wants to talk to someone that you worked with for a reference…please feel free to give them our phone number.”

“It is seldom that I write a letter such as this, but I felt that you should have the praise that you deserve in the outstanding job that you did in correcting Rocky’s problem.  Thank you very much.  I now have my dog back.”

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