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Asheville Dog Behavior

When an Asheville dog owner is having problems with their dog’s behavior , they need to come to The Dog Door Behavior Center, home of Asheville’s only Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, Kim Brophey.  Founded in 2000, The Dog Door Behavior Center is Asheville’s most established dog behavior resource in WNC, as the community’s veterinarian recommended provider for behavior services in the region.  Working with an educated, professional, nationally certified Behavior Consultant is an entirely different experience than going  to a traditional dog training class.  The Dog Door understands that dog behavior problems can be very disrupting and challenging for dog owners to handle, as more and more dogs are having behavior problems these days.   An Asheville dog owner wondering why their dog has behavior problems like jumping up, barking, chewing, running, chasing, hiding, biting, growling, snapping, urinating indoors, fearfulness, anxiety, aggression, thunderstorm phobia, separation anxiety or any other problem can find the answers and solutions at The Dog Door Behavior Center.  Leading the way in Asheville as the city’s only certified dog behavior expert, Outstanding Trainer of the Year 2009 Kim Brophey raises the bar for the dog behavior industry both locally and nationally.  

Asheville Dog Psychology

Working with a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant is analogous to working with a human psychologist.  Certified Dog Behavior Consultants have special education beyond that of dog trainers can qualifies them to work with behavior problems beyond basic manners and obedience.  As more serious dog behavior problems are on the rise, Dog Psychology  has become increasingly popular in public conversation not only in Asheville, but nationally as well.  Many people are not aware that the term, Dog Psychologist (or Dog Whisperer, Dog Behaviorist) can be and routinely is used by people with dog training businesses who lack any formal education or national certifications.  The result is that many dog owners spend hundreds or thousands of hours trying to understand their dog’s psychology and change his behavior, only to endanger both their dogs and themselves.   At The Dog Door Behavior Center in Asheville, we believe that all dog owners have the right to quality legitimate information about their dog’s psychology and behavior.  Dog Psychology is one aspect of Canine Science, and should be approached from an educated perspective by professionals that appreciate the implications of any dog psychology or behavior professional’s advice and services.  The Dog Door Behavior Center and Kim Brophey believe that dogs should be treated compassionately as the complex psychological animals that they are proven to be through modern canine cognition and behavioral  research.  When you want to understand your Asheville dog’s psychology from and educated and legitimate dog behavior and science perspective rather than waste time entertaining dangerous myths and practices, call The Dog Door Behavior Center.  Your dog deserves the best. 

Certified Dog Behavior Consulting Asheville

Asheville, NC is fortunate to have their very own internationally Certified Dog Behavior Consultant (certified by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants) to help them when their dogs have behavior problems.  Kim Brophey is WNC’s only Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, one of only 7 in North Carolina, and one of only 169 in the entire United States.   Kim Brophey was also the Association of Professional Dog Trainers Outstanding Trainer of the Year 2009, recognized for her longstanding reputation as an effective, humane dog behavior professional as well as her commitment to community education about dog behavior and training.  The Dog Door Behavior Center represents the cutting edge of the dog behavior industry, with its voluntary commitment to national credentials and continuing education for dog behavior professionals and a bold national mission to integrate the canine sciences and raise the bar of standards to the benefit of dogs and owners everywhere.   


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