Dog City, USA

Have a Ball!

Did you know that 51% of travelers travel with their pets?  More and more of us dog lovers are reluctant to leave our furry family members at home when we take a trip.  It is a wonderful joy to have them along for our adventures, but in many cities, this is not always easy to do.  

But we have great news!  Asheville is absolutely one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country, welcoming dogs and their people into almost any store, brewery, restaurant patio, and hotel downtown.  When you visit (or are lucky enough to be living in) Asheville with your dog, you can enjoy a Life Worth Living community for pets and their people unmatched by any other city in America!  You don't have to leave your canine friends at home when you are in Dog City, USA.

Good for dogs.  Good for people.  Good for you.

The Dog City, USA Official Dog Welcome Center is located just a few short blocks from the Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce by the beautiful Grove Arcade downtown.  Here you will find comfortable indoor and outdoor seating, a cozy escape from the elements when downtown with a dog, a doggy potty area, fresh cold water from doggie drinking fountains, free goody dog bags, doggie ice cream for the traveling dog, dog-friendly public bathrooms, and even refreshments for people.

Dog City, USA Asheville Dog Welcome Center is the first official Dog Welcome Center in the United States!  This one-stop welcome wagon for visiting and local dog lovers provides a warm, fuzzy, and unprecedented resource for getting the most out of life with your dog while in our great city.  

The Dog City, USA Asheville Dog Welcome Center welcomes dog lovers to our city with a display of brochures and cards from our Top 100 dog-friendly attractions, dining, shopping, activities, and services for canine companions and their people to check out.

The Dog City, USA Asheville Dog Welcome Center is conveniently situated inside The Dog Door Behavior Center and Store, so that the local and traveling dog can get all the cool treats, toys, chews, tools, necessities, solutions, tips, and pleasantries they need.


Life is better with a dog at your side.  Dog City, USA.  Have a ball!

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