Dog Bite Prevention

by on 07/21/14

    I find being a trainer who works with busy families both rewarding and challenging. I love seeing children learn to interact with dogs in a positive, meaningful way. This knowledge can help keep them safe around these dogs they love so much. One of the more difficult things to teach both children and adults is how to understand what the dog is trying to say because dogs use …

From Teeth to Toes: The Foundation for Low Stress Handling

by on 07/21/14

From Teeth to Toes The Foundation for Low Stress Handling By Caitlin Morrow, BS, CPDT-KA, RVT   “If you want to be able to trim your dog’s nails……Just play with his (feet, ears, legs, etc…) when he’s relaxed.  You know, when you’re sitting on the couch watching a movie just sit there and touch and play with his feet while he is resting.” …

Why Super Hybrid Dogs Rock

by Kim Brophey on 07/18/14

Why Super Hybrid Dogs Rock by Kim Brophey When human beings artificially selected dogs for important jobs like herding, tracking, pointing, livestock and property protection, etc. throughout history, chances are they did not stop to think about the many implications of genetically altering an animal for a specific function. Why would they? What mattered to our ancestors was that a dog would demonstrate …

Why do humans hunt for power?

by on 07/3/14

Why do humans hunt for power?  We are getting ready to board the plane home from the SPARCS conference and as I sit in the airport all I can think about is that the highest value resource at the departure gate is a power outlet.  Watching people searching for an open outlet looks like the eye stalk behavior we see in dogs hunting prey.  The good news is that there doesn't appear …

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