Service & Therapy Training 

Thinking about training your loving dog for therapy work? Have a special need that your best friend could potentially help you with? We offer therapy dog preparation training (per approval for suitability), as well as service dog training for approved clients/dogs.

​If you are interested in finding out more about service and therapy dog training please contact us. We are knowledgeable about service and therapy dogs and can help you to determine if your dog would be suitable for this kind of work and, if so , what type of training you will need in order to proceed. Many people do not know the difference between service and therapy dogs…

Therapy Dogs & Service Dogs

​Service dogs are used to aid a disabled person in daily life. These dogs have full access to anywhere that a disabled person would need to go under the Americans with Disabilities Act and their behavior is therefore under much higher scrutiny in terms of performance and suitability. This kind of training is extensive and can therefore be costly. It is a long term commitment that needs to be considered very carefully for all parties.

Therapy dogs are used to improve the quality of life for various populations including but not limited to the elderly, hospital patients and at risk children. These dogs are taken into various facilities and situations by their handler and spend time working with other parties. These dogs are not protected by the Americans with Disabilities Act and therefore do not have full access privileges. Their training also needs to be sufficient for their use in terms of safety and practicality. Determinations also need to be made as to whether or not your dog might enjoy this kind of work.

Give us a call today to talk more about this if you are interested in service or therapy dog training, as Kim Brophey is extensively knowledgeable about both types of dogs and would be happy to speak with you about your situation or goals .

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