All-Around Puppy 

Private training with Asheville’s expert sets you and puppy up for a lifetime of success. Beyond playgroups and puppy classes, learn how important a comprehensive socialization to the modern world really is. Prepare your puppy, and yourself, for the road ahead.

​We have comprehensive programs designed to address all common puppy goals and needs and requirements and preventative training against serious problems as well as build solid foundation of communication, trust, leadership, boundaries, etc. understanding about what lies ahead with the kind of dog model you acquired.​

The Golden Window of Opportunity

The critical period of socialization ends at around  4 mos of age.  What your puppy experiences and learns during this period has a substantial impact on his future and should be taken, not ignored, for the chance that it offers. We do not offer traditional puppy classes as our experience has been that they often fail to adequately and positively prepare the puppies and owners for a harmonious future, and at times can cause problems in themselves.

Socialization, for instance, is all about quality not quantity.  This fact is sometimes ignored and puppies are exposed to circumstances that can actually hinder the development of a confident, well-skilled dog. We prefer to expose pups to well skilled adult dogs and educate our owners that socialization does not end there. We teach owners how to engage life with their pup confidently on their own, after being given the knowledge and skills in a safe starting environment as a reference point and support for their future journey together. It is important that you learn about the big picture your puppy - genetically and individually, in your personal life circumstances and in relationship to your family.  You need to be well prepared for the road ahead in a modern world that presents unprecedented challenges and variables.

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