Obedience & Manners 

Personalized initial interview ensures that every dog and family is treated as the individuals that they are, addressing what matters to you and the needs of your dog as basic obedience skills are transformed from parlor tricks into useful tools for navigating life together. Become an effective team as your learn to communicate clearly.

We customize our services to address what matters to you and your dog, creating practical solutions to common challenges and building a balanced relationship based on trust and communication. Get real and impressive results with this user-friendly program designed to equip owners with critical knowledge, skills, and confidence to enjoy life with their dogs.

Training classes- We broke the mold

Your dog can go to obedience class and get some great “icing” skills under his belt, but have you baked a solid cake to put it on?  It won’t do him any good to “know” things that never work when you need them if you have put that icing on a crumbling cake because you are lacking a main ingredient.  When you ask your dog to do something, their first question is “Why?”  We have to learn how to answer that question without resorting to arbitrary bribes or threats.

While “obedience” makes most of us think of some concept of programming our dog with the five basic behaviors – sit, down stay, come and heel – the truth is that a dog is a heck of a lot more complicated than a computer we wire to perform to our wishes.  So how on earth do we get the dog to “behave” so we can live together in peace?

Like any relationship, there is more to the picture than just love.  In many ways, a healthy relationship boils down to agreements between individuals.  It is no different for you and your dog, where harmony depends on creating some basic contractual terms that can be met by both parties in good faith so everyone is on the same page.  Developing understandings about how to handle life together is what truly meaningful and efficient training is all about.   We will teach you how to develop fair terms, and how to communicate those terms to your dog clearly, so that you can optimally enjoy all the adventures life has to offer together both inside and outside of the home.

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