City Dog 

Wish you had that dog you could take with you anywhere? Learn how to navigate the real world with your dog with pride and confidence (and without public humiliation) in downtown Asheville. Traffic, children, and dogs…oh my! No problem. Where social canine misfits become well-mannered rock stars envied by other dog owners.

​The unique City Dog program is the only one of its kind in Asheville. You and your trainer will work together in real-life scenarios in and around downtown Asheville. 

Hands-On Training in Downtown Asheville

The number one complaint that dog owners bring to us here at the Dog Door Behavior Center is that walking their dog in public, whether in the neighborhood or out on the town, is far from a pleasant experience.  We all want to be able to walk our dog in peace, feeling relaxed and confident enough to enjoy a stroll on a nice day without fear of imminent disaster around the corner.  Many of us even dream or having that impressive canine sidekick that can join us for shopping and dining downtown.

If you have ever felt concerned or frustrated about your dog’s behavior out in the modern world, about the manner in which he interacts with other people and animals in your daily life, City Dog could be the answer to your prayers.  The customized, one-on-one series of lessons specially designed to address your dog’s unique reasons for unmanageable behavior will be provided in real life downtown so that you and your dog learn how to navigate the world of 21st century distractions with confidence as a team.

You CAN have a dog that you can be proud of.  Come in and let us fill in the blanks and provide the answers to your questions, knowing that you are not alone but rather one of the many dog owners increasingly frustrated with their dog’s behavioral challenges in public.   Asheville is one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country- make sure you get a chance to enjoy it!

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