Behavior Center

The Science of Your Whole Dog

Get to the bottom of your dog’s behavior by exploring all the factors that affect his behavior- Learning, Environment, Genetics, and Self.  Whether it’s miscommunication, something in his environment, an instinctual drive or a health problem underlying your dog’s actions, discovering the source is essential to providing the solutions that can make the difference.  Kim’s trademarked approach to addressing dog behavior scientifically as an Applied Ethologist makes all the difference.

No wives’ tales.  No egos.  No force, fear or pain.  L.E.G.S. is logical, fun, and practical.  L.E.G.S. puts sound science in your hands, at last.  Get ready for that “Eureka!” moment.”

Obedience & Manners

Personalized initial interview ensures that every dog and family is treated as the individuals that they are, addressing what matters to you and the needs of your dog as basic obedience skills are transformed from parlor tricks into useful tools for navigating life together. Become an effective team as your learn to communicate clearly.

Behavior Consultation

If you’re facing more complicated issues such as fear, aggression, or anxiety we recommend an in-depth behavior consultation. This thorough assessment gives you the insight and plan you so desperately need. Serious therapy for your dog. Serious results that make the difference in your life. She's is like family. You want to do everything in your power to take care of her. But you are at your wits end!

City Dog

Wish you had that dog you could take with you anywhere? Learn how to navigate the real world with your dog with pride and confidence (and without public humiliation) in downtown Asheville. Traffic, children, and dogs…oh my! No problem. Where social canine misfits become well-mannered rock stars envied by other dog owners.


Planning on adding a new family member but concerned about how to select the right dog for you? Avoid the heartache of a mismatch and call us for help. Potential new puppy and dog assessments available.

All-Around Puppy

Private training with Asheville’s expert sets you and puppy up for a lifetime of success. Beyond playgroups and puppy classes, learn how important a comprehensive socialization to the modern world really is. Prepare your puppy, and yourself, for the road ahead.

Service & Therapy Training

Thinking about training your loving dog for therapy work? Have a special need that your best friend could potentially help you with? We offer therapy dog preparation training (per approval for suitability), as well as service dog training for approved clients/dogs.

Shelter Dog Evaluations

Providing assessments for dogs still in animal shelters and rescue organizations

Pet Business Consultations

For vets, kennels, daycares, shelters, and other pet businesses, Kim provides expertise in program development and policy/practice related to dog behavior.

Expert Testimony/Legal

Kim provides expert witness consultation and testimony in special cases where her extensive education and professionalism may aid in legal cases involving a dog.

Online Booking

Book an Appointment Online with one or our Professional Dog Trainers.

Are you ready to book an appointment in our behavior center? If you are a new client please call our behavior center at 828. 656. 8305 to schedule your first appointment with one of our team members. If you are currently a client our online scheduler makes it simple to check trainer schedules, view availability, and book your next appointment in advance. Go there now to get started!

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