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Shameless Love of Dogs 

The Dog Door is a business about the love and relationships between two species – what makes those bonds between people and their animal companions exceptional and healthy and the problems which arise between them in modern life.  The Dog Door Team is firmly committed to their mission of solving such problems between people and dogs, in homes and communities, with modern science.

Professional as well as deeply compassionate and personally supportive, The Dog Door raises the bar on the entire concept of dog training and behavioral help.  Highly educated in the sciences, internationally awarded and certified as a behavior consultant/trainer, and passionate about making a difference in the lives of people and their dogs through remarkably down-to-earth education for dog owners the Dog Door provides an unprecedented service quality in the industry.

From the voice on the other end of the phone to the personal therapist for you and your dog, from the essential equipment carefully chosen for you and your dog’s safety and comfort to the fun frivolous goodies that add that extra dose of awesome to your dog’s world -  The Dog Door has you covered.  We care about quality in everything, and it shows.

The Behavior Center and the Outfitters store are two sides of the same coin for us. Our goal is to make life better between people and dogs.  Period.  We are shamelessly in love with dogs for who they are and endlessly passionate about those people committed to embracing their dogs in their lives.  In the dog-friendly city of Asheville, getting help and loving life with a canine companion has never been easier.  Come see us today!

We believe that every dog owner deserves access to professionals and services that represent a commitment to education and standards of practice, and the right to resources which are neither detrimental nor constituting malpractice. When some of the country’s most high profile dog behavior icons are lacking formal education in the field and national credentials, and thousands of dogs and their owners suffer at the hands of such misinformation daily, it is paramount that the public come to recognize these rights and the resources which honor them.

We maintain a deep reverence for the integrity of dogs and humans alike, always conscious of the well-being and needs of all parties. We love dogs, quite shamelessly adoring them for being exactly who they are and unwilling to break their spirit or heart for the sake of human goals. We also love humans, and appreciate the very real challenges and distinct personalities and differences in their individual lives and families. We understand, more than any of our clients can fathom before working with us, the distinct and unprecedented pressures that that people and their pet dogs are facing in modern times. We see ourselves as mediators between our two species as we move into the future, offering the necessary knowledgeable and compassionate guidance to ensure the preservation of this historical bond as we walk together.

Ask Us If We Love Our Jobs!

At The Dog Door you will find a true team working together for both you and your dog. As you work with us and become part of our family, you'll come to know that we put our hearts into our work. We have the passion and commitment that is only found in people who truly love what they do.


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Are you ready to book an appointment in our behavior center? If you are a new client please call our behavior center at 828. 656. 8305 to schedule your first appointment with one of our team members. If you are currently a client our online scheduler makes it simple to check trainer schedules, view availability, and book your next appointment in advance. Go there now to get started!

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